Edited Jul-13-2015
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Are you looking for a program that can record video directly to your computer?  We look at programs that can function as a surveillance system, recording video and audio when motion is detected.  See our webcam program reviews

In previous years I edited videos from the following formats:
  • mini-DV
  • Hi8, Digital8 (also called D8)
  • VHS or SVHS (Super VHS)
  • VHS-C or SVHS-C (VHS compact tapes)
  • HDV (high definition on mini-DV tapes)
  • DVD
  • CD
  • audio cassettes
  • slides
  • photos

How it worked




1     keyboard

Customers filled out online form telling us how they wanted the DVD's made.




Old video format was sent in the mail to us.





We made DVD's and mailed them to the customer, with the original video format, too.


I converted both PAL and NTSC formats. (What is PAL and NTSC? )

Each DVD ordered could have:

  • Up to 2 hours of DVD-quality digital video  
  • Audio in Dolby Digital Stereo  (AC3)  
  • Motion Menus with chapters for easy scene selection

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Motion Menus show chapters in motion, to better select a specific scene of the movie.

  • DVD case - The cover showed the video title with pictures (optional).

Click to see larger image

Click to see larger image

   DVD label with your video title

  • Video processing with gamma correction filter makes dark, hard to see video look brighter
  • Computer processing removed wavy lines at edges of video (found on analog video tapes, like VHS and Hi8).
I no longer make DVD's for money. Actually, I no longer work for money at all. I have a new master: the Lord Jesus Christ.