Calculate the cost to convert your video to DVD

Our most basic service is just $15 per video cassette transferred. (Minimum order: $30) You may select additional options below.

To get an accurate price for your video project:

Choose from the options below and press button labeled "Calculate Total Cost". You will see your price calculated immediately.

Need help? Contact us. We would be happy to give you a price quote.


Enter the total number of video cassettes you would like converted to DVD.



Do you want a menu?

        Straight transfer of video to DVD - no navigation options.
        no extra charge

        Your DVD's will have full-motion DVD menus with 
        chapters and navigation ability 
        PLUS video title and chapter titles,
        if you specifiy the text below.
        $5 extra per tape

Click for sample menu
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(Opens new window so you don't lose your work.)


By default, we will label your DVD with text and ship in a paper envelope.
paper envelope
You can replace the paper envelope with a case with cover for $5 extra per DVD.
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Click images to see more detail
(Opens new window so you don't lose your work.)

Please choose:
paper envelope no extra charge

plastic case with cover $5 extra per video

What text would you like on your DVD and cover?
If same as menu, type "same".

Do you want pictures on your cover and label?

Text only - no pictures... no extra charge

Yes, put color photos on case cover and DVD label ... $5 extra per tape

We pull frames from your video and print them on your covers, either using our best judgement or your instructions.  If you send photos, we could scan those and print them on your covers.  (We return your original photos.)


Choose whether your chapters are placed intuitively to your content, or placed at fixed intervals.

Chapters automatically placed throughout video (usually 12 chapters evenly spaced) ... no extra charge

Chapters placed intuitively at major scene changes (usually 12 chapters) ... $4 extra per tape


Would you like extra copies?  

Each DVD copy is just $5 each! Each copy looks just like the original, with its own case, cover, and label.

How many extra DVD copies would you like?  extra DVD's, in addition to the first copy

Example #1: If you have 10 DVD's and want an extra copy of each, you would order 10 extra DVD's
Example #2: If you have 10 DVD's and want an extra copy of only 3 of those, you would order 3 extra DVD's.


Would you like any edits?
  • converting PAL to NTSC
  • Trimming video
  • merging videos
  • adding transition effects between scenes
  • slow-motion effects
  • audio edits
  • adding music
  • adding opening title text
  • ending credits

No custom edits ... no extra charge

Yes, I want custom edits.  ($8 extra per tape)  Type your edit requests on the order form under "Special Instructions".  If you want us to call you to discuss a complicated edit, just mention that in the instructions.  Or, you can contact us.


 Press this button and your cost will be shown below

(Minimum order is $30)

Total cost:
Cost details:
Number of DVD's required for  
initial transfer, Up to 2 hours per DVD  
Extra copies requested   DVD's
Total number of DVD's   DVD's
Cost of DVD conversion  
Cost of copies  
Cost of shipping  
Total cost  

You may pay with a check, money order, or credit card.  If you choose to pay by credit card, we will email you a secure link to PayPal's website, where you can pay easily and safely online.

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