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Youtube videos

When I find interesting videos that I want to share with my wife or children, I download the videos to a thumb drive. Later, I take the thumb drive to a notebook computer and we can watch the videos offline. We can be in the kitchen eating a meal or enjoying snacks while watching the videos on the notebook. And we can connect the notebook to our HDTV in the living room and watch the videos while resting on the sofa. The videos may be watched without any internet connection, once the videos are saved to the thumb drive.

To download the videos, one method I use is the Firefox browser and the add-on:  Download Helper.

I think the extra information below is now outdated, but kept here for reference....

Sometimes Download Helper presented multiple files to choose from for the same video.  Which file is the best quality?

HQ37 Super-high quality
HQ22 Very-high quality MP4  1280x720 (16:9 ratio) recorded at 2000 kbps
HQ35 High quality  FLV  854x480 (16:9 ratio) recorded at 900 kbps
HQ18 Medium quality  MP4  480x360 (4:3 ratio) recorded at 512 kbps

The information above was found from:

Yahoo! Answers - video specifications. - rates the video quality from best to worst.

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